How to Create an Invoice Online

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Creating invoices for your business with web-based utilities affords you more mobility than standard computer-based programs. You can bill your clients from any location that has Internet access. With the help of some free online invoicing utilities, you can create your own invoices from templates and distribute them to your clients via email or print them out to mail or fax.

  1. Create free invoices online using Intuit's Billing Manager web-base utility. Sign up for a free account. Click "Create an Invoice." Set up an invoice template. Start adding clients. You can upload a logo or terms to your invoices. You can also import client information from your current address books and email accounts, send billing reminders and send "thank you" email confirmation. After you've set up your account, invoices can be either printed or emailed to clients.
  2. Create invoices online using the Invoices Online Master Form. The Master Form is a web-based invoice template that allows you to quickly craft invoices for your business by filling out the fields on the form. Enter your business's information and the client's information, and enter any details into the fields below the "Extra Details" heading, such as "Job Number" and "Signature Name." The Master Form supports numerical data in dollar, euro and pound formats.
  3. Set up a free Invoice Machine account to start creating invoices. With Invoice Machine, you can tailor your invoices to fit the needs of each of your business relationships. You can use invoice features such as discount and tax percentages for each account. The Invoice Machine supports multiple languages and currencies, and it allows you to send invoices either electronically or in hard copy form through PDF files. The Invoice Machine also supports integration of PayPal and Basecamp merchant tools.

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